Gulshan Society

For Serenity, Security and Better Living

7th Executive Committee



Dr. ATM Shamsul Huda

Dr. ATM Shamsul Huda completed BA (Honors) and MA degrees in History from Dhaka University obtaining the First Class First position in both. He also earned a Masters and a PhD degree from Syracuse University, New York, USA in Public Administration in 1975 and 1979 respectively. He started his career as a teacher in the Department of History, Dhaka University and later joined the Civil Service of Pakistan (CSP)  in 1966. During his 34 years of long service with the Government, Dr. Huda held such positions as Chairman, Bangladesh Water Development Board, Managing Director, Bangladesh Agricultural Development Bank, Secretary , Banking Division, Ministry of Finance and Secretary, Ministry of Water Resources. He was appointed Chief Election Commissioner in 2007and retired in 2012 after completing his term of office. He is a founding member of the Gulshan Society. Currently, he is serving as a Member of the Board of Trustees of Transparency International, Bangladesh and Head and Neck Cancer Foundation, Dhaka. He is also the President of the Board of Trustees of Kendriyo Kanchi Kachar Mela. He has many publications to his credit and is a honorary fellow of Bangla Academy.

Vice President

VP-KM_20Mahmudur_20Rahman K.M.Mahmood ur Rahman
K.M.Mahmood ur Rahman is a founding member and a former Vice President of the Gulshan Society. He is a pioneer in the field of ship-building in Bangladesh and set up the High Speed Group of Companies as a Bangladesh-Japan joint venture. He is the current President of both Bangladesh Ship Owners and Ship Builders Association. He is also the Chairman of Bangladesh International Shipping Association and FBCCI Standing Committee on Shipbuilding and Heavy Engineering Industries. He is a prolific writer and has authored several books on theology and contemporary issues. Aa a Vice President of Gulshan Society, he is the Convenor of Membership Committee as well as that of Lake Development and Environment Committee./td>
VP-Md_20GR_20Nasir M.G.R Nasir Majumder
Captain Nasir Majumder is not only a successful businessman but has also left his mark as an industrialist, social worker and a pilot. He is the Chairman and Managing Director of Century Group of Companies. Among his many business enterprises, garments and textiles, real estate and housing, hotel and resorts, parks and recreation, travel and tourism and finance and investment are the principal ones. He is or has been actively involved in various capacities with such institutions as the Gulshan Club, Bangladesh Flying Club, Army Golf Club, Lions Club, REHAB and BGMEA. He is the President of Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association. As a Vice President of Gulshan Society, he is the Convenor of Finance Committee as well as that of Lake Park Management Committee.
VP-Shiin_20Shill Shirin Shila
Shila obtained her MA degree in Bengali from Dhaka University and since then has been a regular news anchor of Bangladesh Television, Bangladesh Betar and BBC World Service. She is also a noted vocalist of Tagore songs and has rendered Tagore songs on BTV and Bangladesh Betar. Tara TV of Kolkata had broadcast her solo musical program and interview recently. She is also involved in many business enterprises and social work. She is the Chairperson of Optimax Communication Ltd as well as Director of Information Network Services Ltd. She has held various positions in such institutions as Gulshan Club, Uttara Club, Baridhara Cosmopotitan Club and Rotary Club. As a Vice President of Gulshan Society, she is the Convenor of the Constitution Committee as well as that of Culture Committee.
Delwar H. Dulal

Secretary General

A life member of Gulshan Society, Delwar H. Dulal has been one of the most active members of the Society. He played the leading role in enrolling the highest number of residents as member and in organizing such drives as Clean Gulshan Campaign, Community Policing and freeing the Gulshan South Park from the occupation of the sweepers. He is the current President of Gulshan Health Club. He is also actively involved in the Gulshan Society Jame Masjid, Gulshan Central Masjid and Eidgah Society, CRP, Gulshan Joggers Society, Gulshan Runners Society, Capital Recreation Club Ltd, Bangladesh Textile Mills Association and Bangladesh-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

M.H.Chowdhury Samir

A professional banker, Samir has MBA, MA, LLB and DAIB (Part 1) degrees to his credit. He joined a government bank as Officer in 1979. During 1981-1987, he worked for a Multinational organization in Germany. After returning to Bangladesh, he again joined a government bank and retired in 2009 as General Manager. He was Chairman of Lions International 315/B and has been actively involved in Gulshan Central Masjid and Eidgah Society. He is currently working as Secretary of the Sub-committee (Religion) of Gulshan Central Masjid. He had already served one term as a Treasurer of Gulshan Society.

JS-Ahmed_20Jamil_20Ibram Ahmed Jamil Ibrahim
Joint Secretary

Ahmed Jamil Ibrahim completed his BA(Hons), MA and LLB degrees from Dhaka University. Later he studied Chartered Accountancy in the UK. He joined Bangladesh Biman and retired as Controller of Accounts. A very enchanting vocalist of modern songs, Jamil has been involved in many social and cultural activities. He is a former Secretary and President of Rotary Club of Sonargaon and Additional Secretary General of Dhaka University Class of 1969. He has also been a member of the Executive Committee of Gulshan Society (2012-2014), Baridhara Conmopolitan Club, Sylhet Station Club and Sylhet Club Ltd.

JS-Engr_20Md_20Abid_20Hassan_20Khan Engr. Md. Abid Hassan Khan
Joint Secretary

Abid Hassan Khan obtained his BSC degree in Electrical Engineering in 1974. He was commissioned in the MT Signals Branch of Bangladesh Air Force. Later on, he completed a course on Aeronautical Engineering at AFTC in India. Currently he is engaged in an export-oriented packaging and garment industry. He is a Rotarian and has served as a Joint Treasurer of the immediate past Executive Committee of Gulshan Society. Currently he is also working as a Co-Convenor of Gulshan Lake Park Committee.

JS-Sangeta_20Jhan Sangeeta Khan
Joint Secretary

A student of Viqurunnessa Noon School and Holy Cross Girls’ College, Sangeeta Khan obtained her BA (Hons) and MA degrees in Public Administration from Dhaka University. During 1989-2008, she worked at Singapore Airlines office at Dhaka and was in-charge of Reservation and Ticketing. She also directed a Training Academy to train youngsters in travel agency work. She is also a successful woman entrepreneur. She is a Director of Regency Travels Limited and is involved in the management of a restaurant named ‘Time Out”. She is a member of BWCCI and Banani Rotary Club. She was also a Joint Secretary in the immediate past Executive Committee of Gulshan Society and currently

JT-AKM_20Abdus_20Samad A.K.M. Abdus Samad
Joint Treasurer

Abdus Samad obtained his B.Com and M.Com degrees from Dhaka and Karachi Universities respectively. Later on he also completed his Chartered Accountancy course. He also successfully completed a 7-week Computer Programming Course from the Institute of Business Administration of Dhaka University. He worked as Director, Finance and Accounts of ICDDR,B from 1981 to 2006. After retirement, he continued to work for the same organization as its Finance and Accounts Adviser during 2007-2008. He had also served the Gulshan Society as its Joint Treasurer in the 2009-2011 term.

EC Members
EM-Shafquat_20Haider Shafquat Haider

Shafquat Haider is a pioneer in the dessimination of information technology in Bangladesh. He has been working in the sector for the last 35 years. He is the one who first established Ciproco Computers Ltd in 1981 as the first IT company and tool a leading role in introducing personal computers in Bangladesh. He is the founding member of BCS and BASIS and a fellow of National Defense College. He is involved with a number of trade bodies like FBCCI, India Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry, SAARC Experts Group on Accreditation, Council for Communication and ITand TAN Foundation. He was conferred honorary citizenship by the city of New Orleans, USA.

EM-Rokeya_20Quader Rokeya Quader

Rokeya Quader is a founding member of the Gulshan Society. She is the Chairperson of Desh Garments Group. She took reins of the family business after the demise of her husband Nurul Quader Khan who was a well-known freedom fighter, first Secretary of the Ministry of Establishment and a pioneer in the garments sector. She is actively involved with a number of organizations like the BGMEA, MCCI, BEF and BAPLC. She is also an active member of Gulshan Club, Dhaka Club and Golf Club.

EM-Jahurul_20Islam Jahurul Islam Chowdhury
A graduate of Dhaka University, Jahurul Islam Chowdhury is an established businessman and an ardent social worker. During 2000-2008, he worked as Chairman, Far East Islamic Life Insurance Company Ltd. He has also been involved with such commercial establishments as Islamic Investment Cooperative Ltd, Purbani Lighterage Ltd, Home Partners Ltd, Northern General Insurance Company Ltd and Global Investment. In the field of social service, he has been a Deputy Governor of Rotary International Bangladesh; permanent member of Baridhara and Uttara Club; Member of DCCI,IBFR, and BMCCI; Founder Secretary of Gulshan Society Jame Masjid and director of DCCI and FBCCI. He is also one of the past Secretary General of the Fulshan Society.
EM-Omar_20Sadat Barrister Omar Sadat
Omar Sadat obtained his LL.B degree from School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. He also earned his LL.M from Cambridge University. His organizational abilities were recognized by his fellow students of Cambridge University who did not hesitate to elect him as President of Cambridge University Students’ Union. He was called to the bar at Lincoln’s Inn. He is a Rotarian and was the President of Gulshan Rotary Club. He was also elected to the EC of Gulshan Society as a Member on a previous occasion.
EM-Md_20Mahmoodul_20Haqe Md. Mahmoodul Haque
Md. Mahmoodul Haque obtained his BA (Hons) and MA degrees in Geography from Dhaka University. He started his career with the Grindlays Bank and later on joined James Finlay. In 2003, he retired from Finlay as General Manager. During his service career, he worked in such positions as Director, North Bengal Mining Ltd,Director, Delta Pacific Mining, and Executive Director, CEVON Mining. He has been associated with Rotary Club since 1985. He served as Chairman of Balishera Valley Club for four terms. He is a member of Cadet College Club and held the position of President of Dhaka Chapter of Old Faujdarhat cadet College Association.
EM-Dewan_20Shamim_20Afzal Dewan Mohammed Shamim Afzal
Son of Dewan Abdul Basith of Sylhet who was a Minister for Commerce and Industry of erstwhile East Pakistan, Shamim Afzal has been involved in stock market and travel business. He is a member of the Dhaka Stock Exchange and look after the Stock Brokerage Company of the DSA Securities Ltd. He has been living in Gulshan with his family since 1966 is a member of both Gulshan Society and Gulshan Club. He has been elected to the EC for the second time. He is also a current member of the EC of Gulshan Club. He is an ardent social worker and runs a wide range of social institutions like Kidney Dialysis Center, Afzalia Sports Complex and Health Clinic at his village home in Moulvibazar.
EM-Shahab_20U_20Ahmed Shahab U Ahmed Bir Uttam
Shahab U Ahmed started his career as a pilot of Pakistan International Airlines. In 1968 he quit the job of the PIA and participated in the Liberation War of Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Government recognized his sacrifice for the country and his contribution to the Liberation War by awarding him the title of Bir Uttam. After independence, he worked for Bangladesh Biman and Singapore Airlines. Currently, he is looking after the affairs of Bangladesh Flying Club as its President. He is associated with a number of socio-cultural organizations.
EM-Masuda_20Khan Masuda Khan
Masuda Khan obtained her BA (Hons) and MA degrees in Political Science from Dhaka University. She is involved in many social welfare activities. She has interest in teaching and has been a teacher for sometime at the Canadian International school. She has been a Co-Chairperson of WVA and immediate past President of the Inner Wheel Club of Gulshan.
EM-Salama_20Hossain-2 Salma Hossain
Salma Hossain had her schooling at Wills Little Flower School and college education at Begum Badrunness Government Girls’ College. She obtained her BSS and MSS degrees in Economics from Dhaka University. She is a past Chairman of Alliance International and former Marketing Director of Ocean Group. Currently, she is the Director of Rupakar Properties Ltd. She is very active in social welfare activities and has been an active member of Rotary Club of Gulshan, Gulshan Society, All Community Club, Gulshan Joggers Society, Gulshan Health Club and Gulshan Capital Club.
CZ1_20Afsha_20Maizuddin Afsha Maizuddin
Convenor, Zone 1

Afsha Maizuddin obtained her M.A degree in Islamic History and Culture from Dhaka University in 1991. In her student life she not only made her mark as a bright student but as an athlete also. She was associated with the Girls’ Guide and was one of two girls who participated in the Girls’ Guide campaign at Victoria Mahadevi Park in Sri Lanka in 1978. She is the President-elect for 2015-2016 of Rotary Club of Dhaka-Paragon. She was elected Convenor of Zone 1 in the immediate past term and reelected for the second term in the same position in the current EC.

CZ2_20Mosarof_20Hossain_20Montu_20CZ2 Mosarof Hossain Montu
Convenor, Zone 2

Mosarof Hossain is managing director of Jemu Telecom & Technology Bangladesh Ltd. Lots of business agreements between renowned companies in the World and Jemu telecom, agreement of Power plants and Telecom sector ETC. First in the World 2005, Mosarof build a nationwide network in Bangladesh by the soft switch technology. He provided soft switch technology, equipments and solutions to PSTN Company in Bangladesh. He took all from Motorola of USA. Mobile phone call rate is very low in Bangladesh of the World. This opportunity was for the soft switch technology.  First in Bangladesh 2009, Mosarof imported the wind turbine of latest technology, its supply the electricity in Chittagong. Mosarof said, he wrote and sent a technical article to World conference of Climate Change COP-21, in Paris-December-2015 for awful react of climate change from Carbon-dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen-oxide (NOx), Sulfur-dioxide (SO2). The management committee of UNITED NATIONS wanted a suggestion of climate change from Mosafor. Other hand, He said, in Bangladesh within short time and without any fuel; He will be produce ten to twenty thousand Megawatt electricity from power of Earthquake. He has been studying from nine years about this Technology. He has gotten help from NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) of USA. The excellent relation is between NASA and Mosarof. He is a Member of IGA special consultative of UNITED NATIONS.

CZ3_20Azharul_20Islam_20Chunnu_20CZ3 Azharul Islam Chunnu
Convenor, Zone 3

Azharul Islam is the current Finance Secretary of the Gulshan Central Masjid and Eidgah Society. Additionally, he is also discharging the responsibilities of Vice President of GCC approved Medical Center Association as well as that of Bangladesh Customs Clearing and Forwarding Agencies.

CZ4Faiz_20Ahmed Faiz Ahmed
Convenor, Zone 4

Faiz Ahmed obtained his BA degree in 1078 and started his career as the Head Master of Insaniat High School. Simultaneously, he also discharged the responsibilities of Treasuree of Insaniat Society. Later on, he got involved in export-import business of medicine. He has been involved with the activities of Gulshan Society and Joggers Society.

CZ5_20Mujibur_20Rahman_20CZ5 Mujibur Rahman
Convenor, Zone 5

Mujibur Rahman is involved with hotel and travel business. He is the Managing Director of Hotel De Castle and Director of Hotel Lake Castle. He is also the proprietor of Sara Housing Swan Travels Ltd He is a former Secretary General of Association of Travel Agents of Bangladesh. He is currently a Joint Secretary of Joggers Club.

CZ6_20Syed_20Waseque_20Md_20Ali_20CZ6 Syed Waseque Md. Ali
Convenor, Zone 6

Syed Waseque Md. Ali is a banker par excellence. He started his banking career with the IFIC Bank in 1983. He joined the Dutch-Bangla Bank as Vice President in 1996. In 2008 he moved to First Security Islami Bank as SEVP and continues for that Bank on promotion as Deputy Managing Director. He is also an avid Rotarian and has held such positions as Governor, Dhaka North Rotary Club; Chairman, Rotary District Conference 2010-2011 and former Rotaract of Dhaka North Rotary Club. He is a life member of Gulshan Central Mosque and a member of Gulshan Youth Club and Gulshan Health Club.

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