Gulshan Society

For Serenity, Security and Better Living

ADOPT A ROAD in Gulshan

Honourable Residents of Gulshan and Members of Gulshan Society,

Under the leadership of Dr. A.T.M. Shamsul Huda, Piesident, Gulshan Society is taking steps to create a clean, secure & traffic congestion free Gulshan. Now Gulshan Society is seeking participation of its residents to create a new Gulshan.

  • There are only 144 roads in Gulshan and you perhaps live on one of them. Please Adopt a Road and take charge of your immediate neighborhood.
  • You can Adopt a Road for as little as Taka 300 per day / Tk 9000 per month;
  • Your adoption means that a dedicated personnel shall be employed to look after the traffic, cleanliness and security of your road and report to you / your chosen representative on a daily basis:
  • For every road adopted, Gulshan Society will match your contribution for maintenance of Gulshan;
  • You don’t need to be a member of Gulshan Society to Adopt a Road;
  • This scheme is for one year, subject to renewal
  • Mayor, Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) shall award the Adaptor with an official Certificate of Recognition for his/her kind contribution to the community and by raising a plaque in
    your own/your company’s name on your adopted road.


Please send an SMS to 01731-258-824 with

  • Your name
  • Road number
  • the words “Adopt a Road

or Call at 01711-206-583