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Independence Day Children Event

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The Independence Day of Bangladesh (Shadhinota Dibash), on 26 March, commemorates the country’s declaration of independence from Pakistan in the late hours of 25 March 1971

Gulshan Society will celebrate Independence this year involving the school going children of Gulshan and surrounding area. In three different age groups, children will participate in this day-long event of vocal music, band music, drawing, poetry recitation including self-composed ones and solo/group acting. Renowned cultural personalities of relevant sectors will judge the participating children in the morning to rank them as per merit; consolation prizes will also be given to all participants. The winners will perform in the evening of the day at Lake Park Amphitheatre and winner drawings will be displayed then as well. Schools in Gulshan are being approached by members of the society to give names of their interested students to participate in this event. Members of the society are also requested to distribute the registration form in their neighborhood to encourage the children to participate in the event.

The registration form is enclosed herewith for anyone interested to take print-out and fill up to be sent to Gulshan Society office within 10th March 2017.