Gulshan Society

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Memorial service for the victims of July 1 terrorist attack in Gulshan

On the night of 1st July, 2016, five armed militants sieged a restaurant frequented by foreigners in Gulshan and brutally murdered 20 hostages, 18 foreigners and 2 Bangladeshis. Two police officers also got killed by the militants during police attempt to regain control of the eatery. The persons killed were known to many residents of Gulshan irrespective of their nationality and this gruesome act shocked and shook them beyond any measure. Some victims were either members or close relatives of members of Gulshan Society. The Society arranged a memorial service for the salvation of the departed souls at the Gulshan Lake Park in the afternoon of 4th July. Khatib of Gulshan Society Jame Masjid conducted the prayer service and floral wreaths were placed in front of the photos of the victims sent by Mrs Marcia Bernicat, the US Ambassador to Bangladesh as well as different organizations and individuals expressing their love and empathy for the deceased. Dr. ATM Shamsul Huda, President, Gulshan Society and Brigadier General (retd) Sakawat Hossain, former Election Commissioner spoke on the occasion. Barrister Omar Sadat, Secretary General, Gulshan Society, conducted the Memorial Service.