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Stakeholder Consultation on Removing Unauthorized Commercial Establishments

Recently the Council of Ministers of the Government of Bangladesh has taken a decision to remove all unauthorized commercial establishments from the residential areas the RAJUK model towns. The DNCC Mayor took the initiative to hold a stakeholder meeting on the issue. Such a meeting was arranged at Gulshan Club where the Minister of Housing and Public Works was the Chief Guest. The Mayor of DSCC, Chairman RAJUK, Presidents of Gulshan, Baridhara, Banani and Niketan Societies, a large number of owners of such establishments, among others, were present.


The consensus in the meeting seemed to be to take an incremental approach in implementing the decision. Authorities concerned were advised to start with the easier targets first and proceed from less difficult to more difficult ones. It was advisable to move against those entities that have rented flats or houses for their operation in the residential areas. Next could be recovering the space shown as parking space that were later rented for commercial use. Though there was no firm decision on how to go about implementing the cabinet decision, this consultation was an important step towards that direction.