Gulshan Society

For Serenity, Security and Better Living

About Us

Name The name of the Society is GULSHAN SOCIETY. It is a non-profit and non-political voluntary organization.
Address Apartment # A1, House # 7B, Road # 103, Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212.
Phone: 9881375, Mobile: +8801715-882117, Email:
Legal Status The Society is registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 vide registration no. S-2780(193)/2002
Territorial Limits The territorial limit of this Society will cover the Gulshan Model Town of RAJUK and shall include man-made as well as natural lakes and water bodies around it.
Objectives The primary objectives for which the Society is organized are:

  • To encourage and foster a spirit of welfare and understanding among the residents of Gulshan irrespective of race, religion or nationality
  • To take an active interest in the overall welfare of the community including but not necessarily limited to civic, recreational, cultural, social, environmental and security aspects of life and living.
  • To unite the residents in bonds of friendship, good fellowship and mutual understanding.
  • To provide a forum for open discussion of all matters of interest to the residents of Gulshan excluding politics and religion
  • To encourage voluntary social service and to provide a forum for the same
Mandate For achieving the above objectives, the Society may do any or all of the following:

  • Accept donations, gifts, contributions or subscriptions, in cash or in kind from individuals, institutions or companies. Foreign donations may be accepted after complying with laws and rules of the government regulating such matters.
  • Hold, acquire, purchase, hire, lease or sell any moveable or immovable property and also invest money or property of the Society upon such security and in such manner as may be determined by the Society.
  • Borrow or raise any money required for the Society upon such terms and in such manner as may be determined by the Society.
  • File, prosecute, defend, compromise or refer to arbitration any suit or legal proceeding for or against the Society.
  • Enter into any arrangement or agreement with any government department or authority (national, local or municipal), public or quasi-public bodies or bilateral and multilateral foreign donor agency in the interest of the Society.
Formation of the Society The Society was formed with 51 distinguished persons who are designated as Founding Members of the Society. List of Founding Members are shown under the heading “Founding Members of the Society.”


Membership is open to all residents of Gulshan who own either residential property or are temporary residents who have lived here for at least a year prior to filing their application. After the amendment of 2015, there are now the following five categories of members:

  • Life Members: Owners of property on payment of a one-time fee of BDT 50,000/= (Taka fifty thousand) only;
  • Senior Citizen Member:  Owners of property on one-time fee of BDT 20,000/= (Taka twenty thousand) only;
  • General Members: No new General Member shall be admitted to Gulshan Society after 19th August 2023 and All existing General Members shall pay a yearly subscription of BDT 10,000/= (Taka ten thousand) only;
  • Associate Members: No new Associate Member shall be admitted to Gulshan Society after 19th August 2023 except a certain number of senior officials of RAJUK, DNCC, DMP, WASA, DESCO and other Government agencies who shall be considered for Associate Membership of Gulshan Society;
  • Corporate Member. All private and public limited companies with a paid up capital of at least Taka 25 million who have their local offices within territorial limits of Gulshan Model Town are eligible for admission as Corporate Member on One-time payment of BDT 10,00,000 ( Taka ten lac) only.

Applicants for membership must be at least eighteen years of age and furnish documentary evidence of ownership of residential property or of residency in Gulshan along with proof of identity. No more than two persons can be admitted as members against one piece of property. All categories of members enjoy the same privileges except the right to vote and contest in the EC elections allowed to Life and General Members only.

As of February 20, 2024, the membership positions stood as follows:

Sl. No. Category of Members Total
1 Life 2305
2 Senior Citizen 494
3 General 53
4 Associate 21
5 Honorary Member 05

For more information on members visit the Members section

Roll of Honour



01. Mr. Abdul-Muyeed Chowdhury 15-06-2002 21-11-2006
02. Mr. Sayeeful Islam 06-12-2006 19-03-2007
03. Late Prof. Roushanara Rahman (Acting) 19-03-2007 15-05-2007
04. Dr. Akbar Ali Khan 15-05-2007 02-03-2008
05. Mr. C M Shafi Sami 02-03-2008 03-03-2012
06. Late Rafiq Ahmed Siddique 03-03-2012 27-02-2014
07. Dr. ATM Shamsul Huda 27-02-2014 21-02-2016
07. Dr. ATM Shamsul Huda 21-02-2016 02-09-2018
08. Mr. Sakhawat Abu Khair Mohammed 02-09-2018 28-10-2020
09. Ms. Maheen Khan (Acting President) 28-10-2020 20-02-2022
10. Dr. ATM Shamsul Huda 20-02-2022 20-02-2024


01. Mr. Sayeeful Islam 15-06-2002 31-12-2003
02. Late Md. Anwarul Alam 31-12-2004 13-03-2007
03. Mr. Jahurul Islam Chowdhury 13-03-2007 03-03-2010
04. Dr. Wahiduzzaman 03-03-2010 28-12-2011


01. Dr. Wahiduzzaman 28-12-2011 03-03-2012
02. Mr. Anhar A. Chowdhury 03-03-2012 27-02-2014
03. Mr. Delwar H. Dulal 27-02-2014 21-02-2016
04. Barrister Omar Sadat 21-02-2016 02-09-2018
05. Barrister Sarwat Siraj 02-09-2018 19-02-2022
06. Barrister Sarwat Siraj 19-02-2022 20-02-2024

Executive Committee

The Gulshan Society and all its affairs are managed and conducted by an Executive Committee (in short EC) which is elected after every two years by the Life and General Members of the Society. The EC comprises of 19 (nineteen ) members as follows:

President 1 (one)
Vice-Presidents 2 (two) One shall be from amongst female members of the Society.
Treasurer 1 (one)
General Secretary 1 (one)
Joint Treasurer 1 (one)
Joint Secretaries 2 (two) One shall be from amongst female members of the Society.
Members 5 (five) Two shall be from amongst female members of the Society.
Zonal Convenor 6 (six) 6 (six) Zonal Convenors elected by the respective members of the zone

For information on powers and functions of the EC visit Committees

Standing Committee

To facilitate realization of the aims and objectives of the Society, the EC has formed the following 11 (eleven) Standing Committees:

  1. Membership Committee
  2. Finance Committee
  3. Constitution Committee
  4. Community Policing and Traffic Committee
  5. Lake Management and Environmental Committee
  6. Lake Park Development and Management Committee
  7. Civic Services and Utilities Committee
  8. Cultural Committee
  9. Women and Children Affairs Committee
  10. Press, Publication and Research Committee
  11. Gulshan Society Jame Masjid Committee

The procedure for constituting the Standing Committees are as follows:

  • Committees are composed of a Convenor, Co-Convenor and Member Secretary and such number of other members as may be determined by the EC.
  • The position of Convenor of the first three Committees are reserved for the three Vice Presidents while the others are open to be filled up by members of the Society, preferably EC members.
  • The terms of reference, tenure and number of total members of the Committees are determined by the EC.
  • For discharging their responsibilities, the Committees may constitute any number of Sub-committees with specific terms of reference.

For information on the top three positions in each of the Committees and its Terms of Reference visit Committees

Zonal Committee

Gulshan Model Town is divided into 6(six) zones and numbered as Zone 1,2,3,4,5 and 6.

  1. The Zonal Committee Convenors are elected by the members of the respective zones along with other EC members.
  2. Each Zonal Committee ordinarily consists of 1(one) Convenor and 10 (ten) members. The EC by a majority decision may increase the number of members for any or all of the zones specifying the reasons behind such a decision and the period for which the enhancement will remain in force.
  3. Members of zonal committees are nominated by the EC from amongst all 3 (three) categories of members belonging to the particular zone for which the committee is being set up.
  4. The EC has full powers to change or dissolve any or all the zonal committees except the Zonal Convenor without assigning any reason by a majority decision of the elected office bearers and members of the EC.

For information on the top three positions in each of the Committees and its Terms of Reference visit Committees


The members of the Society elect the EC for a period of two years following detailed rules of procedure. A few important rules are mentioned below:

  1. The election is expected to be held after completing all formalities by the 25th day of February of the year when an election becomes due.
  2. At least 2(two) months before the end of its term. the outgoing EC shall form an Election Commission (in short Commission) composed of one Chief Election Commissioner and two Commissioners from among the general and/or life members who would not be candidates in the election for which they are appointed to the Commission.
  3. The Commission shall conduct the election within the time limit of the tenure of the existing EC according to the by-laws prepared by the EC in consultation with the Commission.
  4. The outgoing EC shall prepare a complete voter list of all the general members in good standing and the life members and provide copies of the same to the Commission. The Commission after consultation with the President shall announce the election schedule by issuing notice to the members and by posting the same in the notice board of the Society.
  5. The vote is counted on the day election is held and unofficial results are announced by midnight.

Bank Account

All moneys collected or received by the Society by way of subscription, donation or anything else are deposited in approved bank account(s) of the Society and withdrawals are always made by cheque(s) only as per a resolution of the EC. All bank accounts of the Society are operated jointly by the Treasurer and the President or Secretary General.


The fiscal year of the Society is counted from 1st day of January to the 31st day of December of a calendar year and the accounts of the Society are closed on 31st December every year. Auditors are appointed at the AGM for two fiscal years to audit the accounts of the Society for each fiscal year and submit the report to the AGM through the EC. The EC may ask for special audit at any time by appointing any auditor(s) for this purpose.

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