Gulshan Society

For Serenity, Security and Better Living


General Qualification

This Society shall be composed of persons who own a house/apartment in Gulshan or permanently reside in the area as a spouse or as an immediate family member (son, daughter, son-in-law or daughter-in-law) but shall exclude minors and students and who shall pay admission fee as fixed in the bye-laws. Provided that no more than four persons can become members from any one house/apartment.

There shall be two categories of members-

  • Life Member
  • Senior Citizen Member
  • Corporate Member

Life Member

An applicant must be either an owner of a residential property in Gulshan Model Town or a family member of such property in addition to other relevant general qualifications prescribed for all categories.

Life Membership Fee:  Tk. 50,000/-

Senior Citizen Member

An applicant who is sixty years of age or above and   has the qualifications to be a Life Member is eligible to become a Senior Citizen Member

Senior Citizen Membership Fee: Tk. 20,000/-

Corporate Member

All private and public limited companies with a paid up capital of at least Taka 25 lac who have their local offices within territorial limits of Gulshan Model Town are eligible for admission as Corporate Member on One-time payment of Taka 10,00,000 ( Taka ten lac) only. An entity shall be entitled to nominate only three representatives subject to the condition that they fulfill all other necessary conditions to be a General or Associate Member of the Society.

Any person having the qualification of membership as prescribed in the preceding articles and desirous of becoming a member under any one of the above three categories shall apply to the President of Gulshan Society in the prescribed form along with the specified admission fees and annual subscription and upon approval of the Executive Committee shall become a member of the Society in that category.

Corporate Membership Fee: Tk. 10,00,000/-



Application Form

Membership Application 2nd page

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